Saturday, July 12, 2008

reading poems and travelling towards ...

[the reader] who is confronted with multiple fans of newly published poetry books - opening pages with resplendent peacock displays letting them ripple through fingers and satiate the eyes who to privilege with the close-read? who to ignore?
Not to have to make that choice I am a traveller --walker by dark-lakes, car-passenger at night avid to see what is happening behind half-shut curtains, bus-tripper eager to catch the slip in the conversation behind, crossing onthe ferry with water and oceans tiding in, long distant train journeyer absorbing, looking behind at every last glimpse of the hill castle church town shop sheep valley city country road tree flower old-man tractor horse grass paths house garden gardens wild-gardens woods and bogs dog and dog-walker children children playing eternally playing on the slope by the stream watching catching attention mine and yours that mystery view through trees the ancient glade the kingfisher's turn of phrase or colour-twist of text-on -wing this this is how it is with poems new and old see it once or many times as on a repeated journey when one s/cene captivates the mind sometimes get out stop admire the view that special place of lyrical phrase and remember remember it forever so you can take it with you wherever you travel otherwise be content to take in the glimpsed or flashback moment ofsite/sight it is still yours to treasure

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