Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Gallery of Women Writers & Devon; some Names and Places.


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This blog-gallery illustrates, in alphabetical order, names of women writers linked with Devon and some places associated with them. Each of these photos could take you on a trail, a journey of discovery: a place; a name; a life-story; a poem, or other text. Each framed photo of a site harbours a story of a richly complex narrative concerning a particular women writer. I hope some who find this may decide to go out and follow up some links. If nothing else there’s  an excuse to get out and about, explore some of Devon’s hidden corners – and with one photo to pop over the border into Cornwall. Although each story is already rich, there is much to find, a wealth of missing information.
      Many of the writers appear in this blog somewhere, or on its companion site, South-West-Women-Writers; others don’t – women such as Kate O’Brien and Adelaide Phillpotts. They wait for someone to pay attention to them and to find more about their one-time connections with the county.
… and this gallery is just a beginning. list of writers another day and it could start another quest ….

Writers and Place covered in the photos:

Jane Austen; Sidmouth.
Margaret Beaufort (Countess of Richmond); Sampford Peverell.
Charlotte Chanter; Ilfracombe Church.
Anne Dowriche; Cotehele and Dowriche House.
Jane and Mary Findlater; Prestonpans, near Edinburgh
Elizabeth Goudge; Near Marldon.
Edith Holden; Fernworthy Reservoir.
Anne Irwin; Looking over Ilfracombe
Elizabeth Jennings; Lundy Island.
Mary Kelly; Kelly House, near Tavistock.
Doris Lessing; Belstone village.
Rosemary Manning; Poltimore House.
Priscilla Napier; Tavistock station.
Kate O’Brien; Croyle House, near Cullompton.
Sylvia Plath; North Tawton.
Dollie Radford; Natsworthy on Dartmoor.
Lady Anne Southwell; Cornworthy.
Sylvia Townsend-Warner; South-Brent.
Mary Patricia Willcocks; near Cornwood.
Charlotte Yonge; Puslinch House.

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