Sunday, April 02, 2006

Finding Kate

Kate; Aerial:
"I found a book on how to be invisible
On the edge of the labyrinth
Under a veil you must never lift
Pages you must never turn ...
You stand in front of a million doors
And each one holds a million more
Corridors that lead to the world
Of the invisible
Corridors that twist and turn ..."
(Kate Bush from Aerial)

Through this new internet, this cobweb-like secret writing, the wash over where blue ink appears as a cryptogram over air-pockets where you expand your-selves, you entice me, but you disappeared over the edge of the cliff even before the moment you moved in from the twists of the Devonshire lanes. No one can find you, yet out there chinese whisperers call one another through reflecting halls of fame. Listen! There, down against the rocks, where deep waves catch silence into sound, a mermaid sings for us so that we may remember.

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