Saturday, April 15, 2006


Just fun. And Isla - Delightful Delilah!

Family historians here we go - her pedigree goes something like this:

Parents: Fingle Bunt and Chilier Daisy May (Scamp)

Grandparents: Charterwood Gunner; Liemonchek Anna Bell and Charterwood Campaign; Leimonchek Chloe

Great-Grandparents: Royal Occasion at Charterwood (Champion); (look for mention of Alberto, Isla's Great-Great Great Grandfather); Charterwood Goldilocks; Charlie of Glenola; Liemonchek Jenny; Charterwood Trigger; Charterwood Cassandra; Charlie of Glenola; Liemonchek Jenny

As we can't show or breed from Isla we can just dream of cavalier puppies and champions!- (look at the puppy page)

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